Lost & Found in Oxford

Lost and Found Exhibition at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford

We’re planning our next Lost & Found openings:  Later this year on August 12th we open at ONCA in Brighton and building on the success of the We’re Here Now! festivals during 2014 and 2015, we’re seeking out a multiple shopping centre venues in the North of England for 2016.

Over 100 guests attended our private view of Lost & Found on Thursday 29th May 2014  The guest list was diverse – we had scientists rubbing shoulders with farmers; artists chatting to politicians; museum and gallery people discussing art and science with parents and their children; lecturers and art students volunteering to help with the bar.

Professor Dave Goulson, one of the world’s leading experts on bumblebees, gave a talk in the theatre, presenting the latest results of his Government funded research on the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides in the UK countryside.  On Thursday 5th June this talk was delivered to the French senate, but we heard it here first!! Much of the talk was delivered in a stunned silence but we also saw some lively debate – which got quite heated.

Afterwards we received great feedback and most guests stayed on until the end, we had to chuck everyone out at 9.00pm!  We took photographs the following day when the space was a little quieter.  The work is challenging: our Evidence Tables provide interpretation and include specimens from Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  We’ve created tensions by examining the motivations to over-consume, juxtaposed with the down-sides of living in a consumer-driven society.  We ask viewers to be curious.