Bee Movie

Bee Movie compares a one metre strip of lavender in an English garden with approximately 10 acres of wheat crop in a nearby field to measures the level of pollinator activity at each site to raise awareness of the sharp decline in pollinators in British agricultural ecosystems (the wheat field isn’t a still image, but there’s very little activity, just couple of UFOs at intervals).

The film references Dave Goulson’s blog post ‘Does anyone remember Rachel Carson‘, in which he records the use of more than 22 different chemicals on English fields of wheat and oilseed rape in one growing season; many of them the systemic class of pesticides called Neonicotinoids. Dave’s blog references Rachel Carson, American conservationist 1907-1964, and her book The Silent Spring, a warning of the destructive effects on nature of the agri-chemical DDT, now banned for use on crops.  It’s been replaced by Neonicotinoids – they’re over 6000 times more toxic than DDT.