Weeds for Bees & Cycle Seats

Bees & Weeds cycle seat intervention project is under way!  Beautiful fabric prints are being created, on organically produced calico, by art foundation students at Banbury & Bicester College using a range of printing and stitching techniques.

This art-science illustration project is inspired by artist and printmaking pioneer Sigma Polke (1941-2010) and Prof. Dave Goulson  specialist in the ecology, behaviour and conservation of bumblebees at the University of Sussex.  Students have been discussing Dave’s recent research results showing that by planting 25 times more wild flowers in an area, bumblebee numbers can be increased by 50 times.




Wild flower images came from specimens grown in the Lost & Found Meadow and bumblebee images from the Hope Entomological Collections at OU Museum of Natural History – thanks to Darren Mann and Amoret Spooner