Broken Spoke

What a work of art this place is! The lovely people at Broken Spoke Bike Co-op have invited our art & design students to join one of their open workshop sessions to install cycle seat covers they’ve been working on for our Bees & Weeds project.

Broken Spoke is a social enterprise founded in 2012 to develop a strong cycling culture in Oxford.  This initiative has been created by visionary people who believe that cycling is about much more than just owning a bike.  Broken Spoke is about developing a community of bike riders and helping people achieve independence by learning how to maintain their bikes and ride safely in the city.  Bike riding is obviously an inexpensive form of transport – until the bike needs to be repaired. Broken Spoke provides access to open workshops and equipment and runs low-cost bike maintenance and cycling training sessions.

As well as the health benefits for individuals and the environment, learning the skills to be an independent cycler is of enormous benefit particularly for women for vulnerable groups and the growing number of people on low incomes.  Learning to make and mend things by hand is also therapeutic and gives people confidence as well as supporting the sound practice of fixing rather than throwing away.

This is a co-operative in the true sense of the word, and a truly sustainable enterprise.  Everyone was hard at work on business admins the day we did this shoot.  We’re looking forward to photographing the cycle seat bombing – THANKS GUYS!