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We are very excited to be working with Paul Manning, he is most definitely an artist’s type of scientist – hugely self motivated and committed to using his considerable creative skills to communicate the results of his research to the public.

Paul is a Canadian environmental scientist from Nova Scotia.  He came to Oxford in 2013 on a Rhodes Scholarship to begin graduate studies at the Department of Zoology.  He is interested in soil biodiversity and the ecosystem services provided by a range of invertebrates in agricultural ecosystems, with a particular focus on dung beetles.

PM Meadow crop


We’re planning a joint self-publishing project with Paul, using his research results and beautiful illustrations to highlight the huge benefits provided by a range of pasture associated invertebrates – from decomposition of waste and maintenance of healthy soil to natural pest control.

Beetles and brambles


“After the completion of my formal education, I plan to contribute to the sustainable agriculture sector through research and publication. Simultaneously, I plan on taking an active role in educating and engaging the greater public in issues surrounding the environment.”

Paul is part of Community Ecology Research Oxford, he also studies with Dr Sarah Beynon at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm.

Paul’s Research interests:
Ecosystem services
Natural enemy ecology
Integrated pest management
Conservation biological control
Ecology of dung associated invertebrates
Sustainable food production systems
Innovative use of agricultural byproducts