Lost & Found is a powerful and challenging multi-media installation of visual arts created to present evidence of the links between consumer culture and the decline of the natural world. It focuses on over production and over consumption of goods and food, and the impact this is having on the British countryside. Along with the serious stuff Lost & Found playfully examines some of the more outlandish expressions of consumer culture through a selection of bizarre hybrids, both man made and cultivated, and curious ‘artifacts’ that have been discarded and should probably never have been manufactured.

The work asks questions about the sort of economy we have created in Britain and whether it is enabling people to thrive and be happy. It considers how our economy and the British countryside are inextricably linked and asks us to question how we are connected to our landscapes and wildlife.

Media:  printmaking, textiles, photography, films and podcasts, artists’ books and installations of found and scientific objects, workshops, talks

The project is based on research by scientists at Oxford University Museum of Natural History and pollinator specialist Prof. Dave Goulson and his team at the University of Sussex.




Lost & Found in Brighton

Solitary Bee Research

Lost & Found in Oxford

Primitive Print:  Rubber Stamping

Bee Movie:  A film about food

Psalm:  ‘Does anyone remember Rachel Carson?’






  • Project Type: Multi-media Installation and Events
  • Artwork & Design: Jane King / Neil Mabbs
  • Collaboration: Oxford University Museum of Natural History, The Goulson Lab, ONCA Brighton, Pesticide Action Network UK, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, The Incredible Mr Stephen Fowler