The Big Draw Launch
We are honoured to have been asked to create a public art-science drawing event for the launch of this year’s Big Draw Festival, in Oxford on 19th September.  The theme of this year’s Big Draw is “Every Drawing Tells a Story” . Our story began when Jane King began to learn to draw as a mature student at a local school of art.  A few years later Pale Blue Dot was born.  The Pale Blue Dot story continues and drawing is central to what we do.

Drawing helps us understand what we see.  To draw something, whatever the subject, people have to be shown how to look to really understand what is in front of them.  This develops all kinds of skills such as hand-eye
co-ordination, spacial awareness and how to be analytical.

So our story continues as we collaborate with environmental scientists to help bring their research to a wide public audience, using techniques that are all ultimately derived from drawing.

We will shortly publish details about our Big Draw event.